Remember Jimmy? The boy who always seemed listless? Turns out, the dirty water wasn’t just giving him tummy aches – it caused ulcers too. Thanks to Uisce’s clean water project, Jimmy’s no longer reliant on those bitter syrups that never quite settled his stomach. Now, with clean water readily available, his ulcers are healing, and his doctor says his blood tests are looking much better. Jimmy’s energy is soaring, and he’s finally thriving!


Forget the dusty treks to the distant river! In the village of Mbuji, fetching water is no longer a chore for Abeni and her friends. Ever since Uisce installed the new tap, their afternoons are filled with laughter and splashes. Every day, they race each other to be the first in line, their brightly colored jerrycans clattering with excitement. The best part? No more waiting for cloudy water to settle – the tap gushes out endless streams of sparkling clean. School bags are lighter now, replaced by the satisfying weight of cool, fresh water for their families. Abeni even started a game – who can build the tallest tower with empty jerrycans? Clean water has brought more than just health; it’s brought joy to the children of Mbuji.


Roger used to hate water collection days. The walk to the river was long, the sun beat down mercilessly, and the water itself always left him feeling sluggish. Filling his jerrycan felt like an eternity, stealing precious hours from his schoolwork.

Now, thanks to Uisce, things are different. The new water tap sits just outside his village, a shining beacon that fills his mornings with joy. The clean water fills his can quickly, leaving him with extra time to tackle his math problems before school. Roger’s stomach no longer aches, allowing him to concentrate better in class. He even started staying after school for extra help, his thirst for knowledge finally matching his newfound thirst for safe, clean water.


Betty’s daily trek to the well is a thing of the past. Uisce’s clean water project means a quick trip to the nearby tap, freeing up valuable time and improving her overall health. This translates to increased productivity and a better quality of life for Betty and her community.


Apia used to spend hours helping her family haul heavy jugs of dirty water from a distant well. School often came second. Now, thanks to Uisce’s clean water tap right by their home, Apia fetches water in minutes. This frees up her time for studies, and with clean water, her family’s health has improved. Less illness means fewer missed school days for Apia, putting her on a brighter path towards a better future.