About us

Uisce was born in 2024 from the shared purpose of Daniel, Max, and Paul in the merandering countryside of misty Ireland, the organisation derives its name by the Gaelic word for water, “uisce” (pronounced “ish-ka”).

Witnessing the global water crisis, they were particularly struck by the struggles of the Congolese people. Determined to make a difference, they pooled their expertise in engineering, water management, and social impact to create Uisce. Their mission is clear: to develop and implement sustainable clean water systems in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uisce goes beyond simply providing water; they focus on long-term solutions that empower communities through education and local capacity building.

Beyond health concerns, the lack of clean water creates a vicious cycle of poverty. Women and children, who often bear the responsibility of water collection, spend hours fetching water from distant, unsafe sources. This time could be used for education, income generation, or household chores, hindering individual and community development.

Furthermore, a lack of clean water hinders economic growth. Businesses struggle to operate without a reliable source of water for sanitation and production. This discourages investment and limits job opportunities, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

The consequences of not addressing the DRC’s water crisis are dire. Investing in clean water systems is not just a humanitarian act, it’s an essential step towards a healthier, more prosperous future for the Congolese people.